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What is SFTPGo?

SFTPGo is an event-driven file transfer solution. It support multiple protocols (SFTP, SCP, FTP/S, WebDAV, HTTP/S) and multiple storage backends.

With SFTPGo you can leverage local and cloud storage backends for exchanging and storing files internally or with business partners using the same tools and processes you are already familiar with.

The WebAdmin UI allows to easily create and manage your users, folders, groups and other resources.

The WebClient UI allows end users to change their credentials, browse and manage their files in the browser and setup two-factor authentication which works with Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Authy and other compatible apps.

Architectural overview


We strongly believe in Open Source software model, so we decided to make SFTPGo available to everyone, but maintaining and evolving SFTPGo takes a lot of time and work. To make development and maintenance sustainable you should consider to support the project with a sponsorship.

We also provide professional services to support you in using SFTPGo to the fullest.

The open source license grant you freedom but not assurance of help. So why would you rely on free software without support or any guarantee it will stay healthy and maintained for the upcoming years?

Supporting the project benefit businesses and the community because if the project is financially sustainable, using this business model, we don't have to restrict features and/or switch to an Open-core model. The technology stays truly open source. Everyone wins.

It is important to understand that you should support SFTPGo and any other Open Source project you rely on for ongoing maintenance, even if you don't have any questions or need new features, to mitigate the business risk of a project you depend on going unmaintained, with its security and development velocity implications.


SFTPGo source code is licensed under GNU AGPL-3.0-only.

The theme used in WebAdmin and WebClient user interfaces is proprietary, this means:

  • KeenThemes HTML/CSS/JS components are allowed for use only within the SFTPGo product and restricted to be used in a resealable HTML template that can compete with KeenThemes products anyhow.
  • The SFTPGo WebAdmin and WebClient user interfaces (HTML, CSS and JS components) based on this theme are allowed for use only within the SFTPGo product and therefore cannot be used in derivative works/products without an explicit grant from the SFTPGo Team.

More information about compliance.

Copyright (C) 2019 Nicola Murino