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HTTP/S storage backend

SFTPGo can use custom storage backend implementations compliant with the REST API documented here.

⚠ HTTPFs is a work in progress and makes no API stability promises.

The only required parameter is the HTTP/S endpoint that SFTPGo must use to make API calls. If you define as endpoint, SFTPGo will add the API path, for example for the stat API it will invoke{name}.

You can set a username and/or a password to instruct SFTPGo to use the basic authentication, or you can set an API key to instruct SFTPGo to add it to each API call in the X-API-KEY HTTP header.

Here is a mapping between HTTP response codes and protocol errors:

  • 401, 403 mean permission denied error
  • 404, means not found error
  • 501, means not supported error
  • 200, 201, mean no error
  • any other response code means a generic error

HTTPFs can also connect to UNIX domain sockets. To use UNIX domain sockets you need to set an endpoint with the following conventions:

  • the URL schema can be http or https as usual.
  • The URL host must be unix.
  • The socket path is mandatory and is set using the socket_path query parameter. The path must be query escaped.
  • The optional API prefix can be set using the api_prefix query parameter. The prefix must be query escaped.

Here is an example endpoint for UNIX domain socket connections: http://unix?socket_path=%2Ftmp%2Fsftpgofs.sock&api_prefix=%2Fapi%2Fv1. In this case we are connecting using the HTTP protocol to the socket /tmp/sftpgofs.sock and we use the /api/v1 prefix for API URLs.