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Build SFTPGo from source

Download the sources and use go build.

The following build tags are available:

  • nogcs, disable Google Cloud Storage backend, default enabled
  • nos3, disable S3 Compabible Object Storage backends, default enabled
  • noazblob, disable Azure Blob Storage backend, default enabled
  • nobolt, disable Bolt data provider, default enabled
  • nomysql, disable MySQL data provider, default enabled
  • nopgsql, disable PostgreSQL data provider, default enabled
  • nosqlite, disable SQLite data provider, default enabled
  • noportable, disable portable mode, default enabled
  • nometrics, disable Prometheus metrics, default enabled
  • bundle, embed static files and templates. Before building with this tag enabled you have to copy openapi, static and templates dirs to internal/bundle directory. Default disabled
  • unixcrypt, enable linking to libcrypt, default disabled, requires CGO

If no build tag is specified the build will include the default features.

The optional SQLite driver is a CGO package and so it requires a C compiler at build time. On Linux and macOS, a compiler is easy to install or already installed. On Windows, you need to download MinGW-w64 and build SFTPGo from its command prompt.

The compiler is a build time only dependency. It is not required at runtime.

Version info, such as git commit and build date, can be embedded setting the following string variables at build time:


For example, you can build using the following command:

go build -tags nogcs,nos3,nosqlite -ldflags "-s -w -X`git describe --always --abbrev=8 --dirty` -X`date -u +%FT%TZ`" -o sftpgo

You should get a version that includes git commit, build date and available features like this one:

$ ./sftpgo -v
SFTPGo 2.3.1-dev-c8158e1-2022-07-24T17:25:45Z +metrics +azblob +gcs +s3 +bolt +mysql +pgsql +sqlite +portable